Online Banking Transaction System (Zaman N. Sr., Khan A. A., Dawood M. U. Z.)

Payment systems

Abstract Financial Institutions plays a vital role in development of any country. Each financial institution has to follow the rules of the country mother bank. The policy of any mother bank is to facilitate the nation and holding reserves and generate currency for its country. In this paper we are going to discuss and implement a system that helps our nation to draw or deposit money in more conventional way. This system is the combination of old and newly proposed cheque system, using computer technology this system is much more faster, secure and provide confidence
and authenticity for any consumer.
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Libref/ Zaman N. Sr., Khan A. A., Dawood M. U. Z. (2008) "Online Banking Transaction System", Journal of Information & Communication Technology, Fall 2008, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 90-100
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