Efficiency of Commercial Banks in Bulgaria in the Wake of EU Accession (Tochkov K., Nenovsky N.)

Bank Efficiency Foreign Banks State-Owned Banks

Abstract The paper examines the efficiency of Bulgarian banks and its determinants over the period 1999-2007. The levels of technical, allocative, and cost efficiency are first estimated using a nonparametric methodology and then regressed upon a number of bank-specific, institutional, and EU-related factors. The findings indicate that foreign banks were more efficient than domestic private banks, although the gap between them narrowed over time. State-owned banks ranked last on average but their privatization resulted in efficiency gains. Capitalization, liquidity, and enterprise restructuring enhanced bank efficiency, while banking reforms had an adverse effect. The Treaty of Accession and EU membership were associated with significant efficiency improvements.
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Libref/ Tochkov K., Nenovsky N. (2009) “Efficiency of commercial banks in Bulgaria in the wake of EU accessions”, ICER Working Paper № 21/2009, pp. 1-35
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