Service Quality Gap Analysis in Private Sector Bank - A Customer Perspective (Ananth A., Ramesh R., Prabaharan B.)

Bank-Borrower Relationships

Abstract The present study evaluates the customer perceptions of service quality in selected private sector banks. Data was collected from 200 customers of ICICI and CUB using structured questionnaire. Gap analysis and Multi regression were used fro analysis of data. The result shows that the dimension of service quality such as Empathy and Accessibility has more gap, as the customer expectations are high to their perceived service. The result also indicates that Empathy-Reliability-Assurance positively influences the service quality. The study implies that bank should reduce the service gap to deliver superior quality of service to retain existing customers as well as to attract new customers.
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Libref/ Ananth A., Ramesh R., Prabaharan B. (2010) "Service Quality Gap Analysis in Private Sector Bank - A Customer Perspective", MPRA Paper No. 29505, pp. 1 - 9
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