Interaction Between Market and Credit Risk: Focus on the Endogeneity of Aggregate Risk (Sokolov Y.)

Competition and Market Power Risk-taking and Risk Management

Abstract As shown in the recent BCBS papers market and credit risks could reinforce each other in certain circumstances, meaning the sum of the parts might be less than an estimate of risk that takes into account the interactions between the two. Market risk factors have an ambiguous impact on the firms' repayment conditions because depreciation of domestic currency for instance favors exporters and harms importers. Within the task of a ‘top-down’ aggregation of market and credit risks this contribution presents a general framework to economic capital measurement and active portfolio management splitting exogenous risk factor influence throw different channels. The approach implies an exploiting of banks information about the clients' trade and cash flows related to global economic activity. The way to single out exposures to counterparties belonging to the same pattern of behavioural reactions to the market factors are considered as the bedrock of Factor endogenous behaviour aggregation (FEBA) approach.
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Libref/ Sokolov Y. (2009) “Interaction Between Market and Credit Risk: Focus on the Endogeneity of Aggregate Risk”, MPRA Paper No. 18245, pp. 1-12
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