Paying for ATM Usage: Good for Consumers, Bad for Banks? (Donze J., Dubec I.)

Payment systems


We compare the effects of the three most common ATM pricing regimes on consumers’ welfare and banks’ profits. We consider cases where the ATM usage is free, where customers pay a foreign fee to their bank and where they pay a foreign fee and a surcharge. Paradoxically, when banks set an additional fee profits are decreased. Besides, consumers’ welfare is higher when ATM usage is not free. Surcharges enhance ATM deployment so that consumers prefer paying surcharges when reaching cash is costly. Our results also shed light on the Australian reform that consists in removing the interchange fee.

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Libref/ Donze J., Dubec I. (2008) “Paying for ATM Usage: Good for Consumers, Bad for Banks?”, MPRA Paper No. 10892, pp. 1-42
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