E-Business and Online Banking in Bangladesh: An Analysis (Ali M. M.)

Payment systems

Abstract E-business has created tremendous opportunity all over the globe. On line banking can act as a complementary factor of e-business. Bangladesh Bank has recently argued to introduce automated clearing house system. This pushed upward transition from the manual banking system to the on line banking system. The study has been undertaken to observe present status of the e-business and as its complementary factor on line banking system in Bangladesh. The article analyzes the data that were collected from Bangladeshi banks up to February 2010 and also used snowball sampling techniques to gather answer from the five hundred respondents’ who have already been using on line banking system on the basis of a questionnaire which was prepared for this study purpose. The study found that dealing officials of the banks are not well conversant about their desk work. Authors’ observed that the country can be benefited through successful utilization of e-business as this will help to enhance productivity, monetary gain of both producer and customer may be feasible and positive impact on raising gross domestic product. E -business especially with the help of on line banking can manage economy of Bangladesh in a better way as customer will be satisfied.
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Libref/ Ali M. M. (2010) “E-Business and Online Banking in Bangladesh: An Analysis”, AIUB Bus Econ Working Paper Series No 2010-03, pp. 1-26
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