Monetary Conditions and Banks Behaviour in the Czech Republic (Gersl A. Jakubik P.)

Bank Lending Bank Systems Interest Rates Liquidity Risk-taking and Risk Management Stability&Soundness

Abstract This paper examines the impact of monetary conditions on the risk-taking behaviour of banks in the Czech Republic by analysing the comprehensive credit register of the Czech National Bank. Our duration analysis indicates that expansionary monetary conditions promote risk-taking among banks. At the same time, a lower interest rate during the life of a loan reduces its riskiness. While seeking to assess the association between banks’ appetite for risk and the short-term interest rate we answer a set of questions related to the difference between higher liquidity versus credit risk and the effect of the policy rate conditioned on bank and borrower characteristics.
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Libref/ Gersl A. Jakubik P. (2012) “Monetary Conditions and Banks Behaviour in the Czech Republic”
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