Repo Runs (Martin A., Skeie D., von Thadden E.L.)

Bank Products and Diversification Financial Crises Investment Banking

Abstract This paper develops a dynamic model of financial institutions that borrow short-term and invest into long-term marketable assets. Because such intermediaries performmaturity transformation, they are subject to potential runs. We derive distinct liquidity and collateral constraints that characterize the fragility of such institutions as a result of changing market expectations. The liquidity constraint depends on the intermediary’s endogenous liquidity position that acts as a buffer against runs. The collateral constraint depends crucially on the microstructure of particular funding markets that we examine in detail. In particular, our model provides insights into the fragility and differences of the tri-party repo market and the bilateral repo market that were at the heart of the recent financial crisis.
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Libref/ Maptin A., Skeie D., von Thadden E.L. (2011) "Repo Runs", AXA WORKING PAPER SERIES NO 8
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