On the Impossibility of Fair Risk Allocation (Csoka P., Pinter M.)

Bank Products and Diversification Risk-taking and Risk Management

Abstract Measuring and allocating risk properly are crucial for performance evaluation and internal capital allocation of portfolios held by banks, insurance companies, investment funds and other entities subject to financial risk. We show that by using coherent measures of risk it is impossible to allocate risk satisfying the natural requirements of (Solution) Core Compatibility, Equal Treatment Property and Strong Monotonicity. To obtain the result we characterize the Shapley value on the class of totally balanced games and also on the class of exact games. Our result can also be seen as a downside of coherent measures of risk.
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Libref/ Csoka P., Pinter M. (2011) "On the Impossibility of Fair Risk Allocation", IEHAS Discussion Paper No. 1117, pp. 1 - 25
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