Basel III: Relevance for Islamic Banks (Boumediene A.)

Basel I-III Islamic Banking Liquidity Risk-taking and Risk Management

Abstract BCBS, in its response to the last financial crisis, has introduced deep reforms to the regulatory requirements on capital adequacy for banks (Known as Basel III). Buffers and a leverage ratio were introduced to cater those banks with sufficient high quality capital during a stress period. But the most original contribution of Basel III is the introduction of liquidity risk in the field of international harmonization and requirement; banks are required to comply with two ratios. However, BCBS did not take into account the specificities of Islamic Banks in the elaboration of the new standard. This article attempts to adapt the new requirements to these banks.
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Libref/ Boumediene A. (2011) "Basel III: Relevance for Islamic Banks", pp. 1 - 17
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