National Payment System and Banking Daemon (Aliev A.)

Payment systems Regulation

Abstract It is proposed to create a National Payment System, which will allow on a qualitatively new level to solve two important tasks: strengthening the role of the state as the controller of the national currency turnover and overcoming corruption and shadow economy.

The main idea of this new concept of unified organization of remittances and governance structure of money transactions is that the National Payment System becomes the intermediary ('banking daemon") for all banking transactions in the country. For each taxpayer there will be only one controlled "entrance" to receive the money via bank transfer.

Every legal body and natural person may freely and without any restriction dispose of their account balance in the payment system - either by using individual withdrawal operations of funds, or by setting the rules for
automatic transfers of funds received to their accounts in banks.
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Libref/ Aliev A. (2010) "National Payment System and Banking Daemon", pp. 1 - 8
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